Buyers Corner: Taking Offers As They Come

This is a great time of year to buy. Its winter in Marin County, and its raining. Days are shorter,  buyers are fewer, and new listings still appear regularly as sometimes circumstances dictate that the house needs to be sold now! Lots of buyers don’t shop for homes in the rain, and properties don’t look as attractive when the skies aren’t blue, the views are gray, and the furnace is running.

Often times listing agents and sellers, in their eagerness to get an offer quickly will put a new listing on and take offers “as they come.” That means the offer date is the listing date, and it creates a great opportunity for a buyer who has been looking and knows what they want. If they see it, and like it, and are pre-approved they can write an offer before there is any competition, and get it accepted before most buyers even know it is available.

Always ask the listing agent when they are taking offers, and be sure to get on autonotify for new listings (call Bob!) so you will get notification of new listings as soon as the other realtors do. We just had some smart and fast moving clients do just that in Larkspur on a very desirable property a few weeks ago, and they are now happily moved in.


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